About Sunshine Trading Company Pty Ltd

Sunshine Trading Company Pty Ltd is a fourth generation business in the sourcing, processing and exporting of animal by-products. Its principal markets are Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and China.

The family business was established in 1932 and incorporated in 1983.

The product range has varied over the years, depending upon raw material costs and international markets. The principal product which the company currently exports, is Ox Gallstone. It is believed that the company is the market leader in Australia for this product.

A focus on quality of product, customer service and reliable trading are the attributes of the business which have continued its success.

Growth is forecast for the company as a result of its continuing investment in new staff and equipment. The company is building on its success by exploring new sourcing, marketing and product opportunities. New opportunities will take advantage of the company's large local supplier network and overseas clients portfolio.

Sunshine Trading Company Pty Ltd has a patent design gallstone and bile retrieval unit. These are installed into abattoirs for a secure, productive and clean retrieval of product.

Company Name: Sunshine Trading Company Pty Ltd
A.B.N. 31 589 645 879
Incorporated: 25th March 1983
Directors: Jenny Murtagh
Secretary: Jenny Murtagh
Bankers: Westpac Banking Corporation
Ashmore Queensland 4214